Skinny to SEAL eBook

In this exclusive guide I reveal:

  • Discover workout progressions that will MAXimize your results!
  • 6-weeks of conditioning and training to specifically crush the PST from an actual BUD/S Instructor.
  • The truth about what makes one man succeed over another.
  • Train for your first swim-run evolution and gain confidence in your endurance.
  • How to prepare for BUD/S without information overload.
  • Techniques on CSS, running, and calisthenics + how to effectively warmup, cooldown, and recover.
  • Say goodbye to doing what doesn’t work.
  • Train for the rigors of BUD/S so you can make it through any pipeline or face any challenge.
  • Stop wasting time looking for advice that may or may not get you to the next level.
  • Download the ebook today and start training!


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