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Forged Elite was designed from the ground-up to be the most comprehensive elite performance training and mentoring program available. Created by former Navy SEAL operators and BUD/S Instructors - this program develops both the mental fortitude and the physical readiness required for success at any goal.

The Forged Elite Training System focuses on Four Pillars of Preparation: Physical Readiness, Mental Fortitude, Skillset Training, and Grit Enablement.

Be coached and trained by certified fitness instructors, Performance Breathing and Mental Performance coaches, and our nutrition coach to prepare you holistically. Forged Elite leaves no stone unturned in your training and develops confidence through goal + results-driven programming, honing you into a confident hybrid athlete.


This fitness and mentoring program is focused on both physical and mental transformation - empowering you to grow in confidence and forging you into the leader you were meant to be.

Be coached by former Navy SEALS on elite performance tactics, leadership, accountability, fitness and mindset development. Train your body and mind to be able to handle *any* challenge or obstacle - just like SEAL operators. Master your fitness through strength and conditioning, endurance running, speed training, olympic weightlifting, kettlebell sessions, sandbag work, rope climbing, sidestroke and freestyle swimming, grinder PT calisthenics, and pool skill development.

Join our community of elite performers today - welcome to the brotherhood.

  • 3-month coaching and mentoring program tailored to your specific goal: BUD/S prep, SOF pipeline, athlete, or elite performance
  • Customized training program designed for you - become stronger and faster than your competition
  • Remote training program - access your training sessions and join the Zoom calls from anywhere in the world
  • Weekly group mentoring sessions led by former SEAL operators
  • App delivered programming with immediate access to fitness coaches
  • Cold water immersion training builds resiliency and grit
  • Performance breathing led by certified Performance Breathing Coaches
  • Nutrition coaching and meal plan guidance for optimal human performance
  • Weekly swim and endurance training development: master the Combat Sidestroke and build confidence in the water
  • Exclusive warrior community with monthly leaderboard and physical challenges
  • Results-driven program designed to develop longevity in your training and performance
  • Leadership, SOAS prep and mindset development taught from real-world operating experience
  • E-learning online academy with 20+ hours of training lessons teaching you to *think* like an operator
  • Exclusive training events available only to members of the Forged Elite tribe
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching calls to achieve goals through mentoring and FireTeam accountability
  • Continuation programming in Advanced Training follows the initial 3-month program, designed to push even the most advanced athlete

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