The Paradox of Commitment


Have you ever gone all-in towards a goal or dream – only to fail or come up short?

We have all had this happen to us at one point or another.

Going all-in, 100% committed towards a goal presents risk – because going all in means that if you fail, you and/or others might label yourself as a failure.

However, going all-in 100% committed to your goal is the only way to achieve what you want – especially if it is a very challenging goal. Any commitment level less than this presents a seed of doubt in your mind – most often leading to a lack of confidence, discouragement, and failure.

Are you training for BUD/S to become a Navy SEAL? Those who are HAVE to be 100% committed to the path in front of you. 90% or even 95% commitment leaves a sliver of doubt or an exit strategy in the back of your mind, allowing even greater doubt to creep in and grow. Before you know it, you will find yourself ringing the bell, deciding it just wasn’t for you and was not worth the effort.

Most people find it difficult to commit 100%. They wonder “what happens if I fail?”, or “what will others think of me if I fail?” – their mind holding them back from going all in, the risk is just too great.

The paradox however is that you HAVE to go all in. Anything less than a complete and holistic mind-body connection towards achieving your goal creates a disconnect. Why would you go through the misery of Hell Week or endure surf torture if there is nothing that your MIND can grab a hold of. That little sliver of doubt grows by the minute. And the dream seems so far away.

100% commitment to your why, to your goal, and to your calling is what will give you the unshakable fortitude necessary to become a Navy SEAL or to accomplish anything you set your mind and body towards.

I challenge you to ask yourself: to what level are you willing to commit to your goal? Have you been able to commit 100%? Are you proving this to yourself and to no-one else everyday? Is the risk worth it to you? Your success is riding on this evaluation.

So, are you 100% committed today? If not, why not? What is holding you back? Reply to this email, I would love to dig deeper with you!

Freedom, clarity, grit and success are only found when you go ALL IN towards your goal and ultimately reaching the calling and purpose of your life.

  • Joe