Travel and Still Train


Those who sweat everyday and keep momentum going through the summer are the ones who will outperform the rest.

During deployments, my teammates and I would do AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts while underway ALL THE TIME to maintain fitness and operator readiness.

Here are a few AMRAP sessions you can do virtually anywhere and with minimal equipment…no excuses!

  1. 20 minute AMRAP
    5 Pushups (feet elevated)
    10 band pull-aparts
    15 air squats
  2. 20 minute AMRAP
    5 pull-ups
    10 pushups
    15 air squats
  3. 20 minute AMRAP
    5 ring dips
    10 pushups
    15 burpees

Mix up the movements and get creative with the time/reps on your own. Buy a sandbag, gymnastic rings set, resistance bands, and weight vest for training on-the-go. Blast through the session with minimal rest to gain the most benefit and to build GRIT.
Get after it and let me know how it goes!

  • Joe

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