Fear vs Courage


Fear is an emotion that most people succumb to in life.

Fear of failure. Fear of death. Fear of the unknown.

Yet most often fear is an illusion – something that is an emotional trigger designed to keep us alive.

The first time I jumped out of an airplane in military freefall school I felt fear, my mind screaming at me to not do it. You are literally committing suicide and saving your own life as you plummet to the earth.

Some people freeze when they feel fear at this level, and turn back at the door of the plane.

Everyone feels fear. It’s how you react and respond to it that counts.

The way through fear is with courage.

But courage seems to be a rarity today.

Humans seek comfort and safety, instantaneous pleasure and ease.

If you seek to become anything greater than the ordinary in life then you MUST act with courage.

Find small things throughout your day and your week to tap into courage.

That way you can and will be able to step forward with immense courage when required – and you won’t shrink back in despair.

Hard times create strong men – and these are hard times. The question is this: will you step forward in courage today?

Or will you scurry into the shadows, afraid to take a stand?

It’s up to you my friend.

Decide today: fear or courage. The choice is up to you.

  • Joe