SEP 12-15, 2024

This is the place where TWC Founder and former Navy SEAL Joe Kauffman trained and prepared for BUD/S in 2005. It is an incredible location where you will be able to both disconnect from distractions and reconnect with your purpose and drive in life. This is the WHY behind the event… We know what it is like to have an inner fire for something, yet still feel the need for confirmation and validation. The ocean awakens inner fire and provides clarity of purpose. That's what this event is about - becoming the best version of yourself and enabling your why to be discovered.


You will get to experience renewed clarity for the future and get to train with former SOF operators. Learn from those who have been there before you and who want to help you break free from past experiences and find that inner fire of a warrior. This event will be a pivotal part of your journey.

Here are the details…


September 12-15, 2024 - Arrive on the 12th into Avalon via Cat Express boat from the mainland. Shore boat will take you from Avalon to the camp, only accessible via boat. Return to the mainland on the 15th from Avalon.


Campus By The Sea, Catalina Island, California


$1,500, includes shore boat from Avalon to camp and back. (You need to purchase your own boat ticket to Avalon from the mainland via Cat Express). This is an all inclusive retreat. Cost includes meals, facilities, beachfront, training, coaching, speakers, lodging, etc.

Event Details:

We are planning an action packed event! Come ready to train, learn, and reconnect with your mission. This event will be led by TWC Coaches, including a veteran Navy SEAL and veteran Navy Diver, both former BUD/S Instructors.


*This is a men's only event.

Plan on:

  • Morning meditations
  • Breathing work
  • Swimming
  • Calisthenic sessions
  • Mindset training
  • Fireside learning
  • Trail running

  • Mobility sessions
  • Brotherhood connections
  • Operator lessons learned
  • Leadership development
  • Team building activities
  • Plus MORE!

We will be staying in camping cabins right next to the ocean - the location and setting is spectacular!

Limited availability, sign up and reserve your spot now!