Endurance Training Event


JUNE 21-23, 2024

Come join the Chris - TWC Director of Mental Performance, as he shares knowledge and experience in run training to get you faster and increase your mental fortitude!


You will learn techniques to implement in your running plus build more confidence in your abilities as a runner and endurance athlete. Be led by a veteran SOF operator and ultra runner during this incredible event. He will lead you through techniques on running, help you build confidence, increase your endurance, and build your mindset.

Here are the details…


June 21-23, 2024


Johnson City, TN


$350, does not include lodging, food or transportation.

Event Details:

  • Friday, June 21: Shoe analysis, Running posture/analysis, short 4 mile trail run, gels and nutrition lecture for endurance training
  • Saturday, June 22: Dynamic warm up instruction, long 8-10 mile trail run (Bring snacks/food), cold creek plunge, breathing instruction, and recovery methods
  • Sunday, June 23: Group breakfast and short recovery run



Plan on:

  • Running posture and gait
  • Shoe analysis
  • Runs with Chris
  • Nutrition for endurance events
  • Warm ups and cooldown
  • Short distance run 4 miles

  • Long distance run 8-10 miles
  • Cold water immersion
  • Breathing instruction
  • Mindset for long distance running
  • Recovery methods

Come learn from one of The Warrior Calling coaches!

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